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Hollywood At The Inauguration Queen Latifah Jessica Alba And Shakira

Hollywood is well represented in Washington, DC with the celebrities attending the festivities to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama. Congrats to the country.. Early events included Queen Latifah and Jessica Alba Saucy Shakira and putting on a show as well. And a beautiful day in American history and everyone seems to be putting aside their differences, at least for a day.
22.1.09 14:21

Bald Jade Is All Smiles At Work

The reality star put on a brave face challenge as you have demonstrated the extent of his loss of hair in public. Brave battler Jade Goody cancer was all smiles as she stepped up to show his bald head chemotherapy treatment following her treatment. The mother of two was working with his fitness instructor as she pushes ahead with its reality show documenting his TV fight against cervical cancer..
22.1.09 14:21

Freeman Foots Integrated Prom Bill In Mississippi Town

This was in 1997. Director Paul Saltzman in Mississippi Prom Night, which premiered Saturday, as part of the world documentary competition at the Sundance Film Festival, chronicles the growing pains Charleston has experienced the past year, as the community prepared for his first senior racially integrated prom. Then he offered to pay for a single prom that both could attend. It took 11 years for the school to take Freeman to its offer., Ancora Proms held separate one for black students, one for whites. Morgan Freeman was disappointed to learn that in your local high school in Charleston, Miss.
22.1.09 14:21

Watchmen Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Films Rape Scene Its Rated R For A Reason

L actor portraying The Comedian Jeffrey Dean Morgan, confirmed to MTV that director Zack Snyder has not neglected the important events. u003cP u003e u003c / p u003e When Watchme n uniquely suited Alan Moore dark vision of the superhero genre films this year, the public would do well to prepare to see some of the most ugly human behavior that come with it. In the comic book Watchmen, one of the heaviest Flinch inducing moments come from a flashback scene involving the rape of Minutemen member Silk Spectre by his team, The Comedian.
22.1.09 14:21

Wall E Wins Best Pic From Online Film Critics Dark Knight Nabs Four Prizes

WALL-E was named Best Picture of 2008 Online Film Critics Society, also nabbing a trophy for best animated feature and Best Original Screenplay by Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon. (For REUTERS). THE DARK KNIGHT had four awards, including Best Director for Christopher Nolan, Best Actor for Heath Ledger, Wally Pfister for cinematography and original score by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer..
22.1.09 14:21

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